Perforating steel, creating endless possibilities.

Our drilling service goes beyond simple perforation, it is the creation of patterns and features
with precision adding an aesthetic and practical dimension to every metal project.

Check out the different types we offer:

Iron Worker cap. 6’’ x 6’’ x ½’’ – 100 Tonnes

Our Scrap Metal Worker, with a capacity of 6” x 6” x 1/2” and a force of 100 tons, offers exceptional power for large-scale metal perforations, ensuring optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Notcher cap. 5’’ x 5’’ x ¼’’

The Notcher, with a capacity of 5” x 5” x 1/4”, offers clean and precise metal notches, adding an aesthetic dimension to your projects while ensuring optimal functionality.

Unitool Punch cap. 5’’

Explore versatility with our Unitool Punch, offering perforations up to 5” in diameter. An effective solution for holes of different sizes, suitable for a variety of needs.

Unipunch system for holes in series

Optimize production with our Unipunch System, specialized in the creation of holes in series. This solution provides maximum efficiency for projects requiring regular and repetitive perforation.

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