BONIMÉTAL Industries Inc.
Your Trusted Partner since 1980

21 PI (6.5 M)

Bending Capacity

24 PI (7.25 M)

Cutting Capacity


Years of Experience

+1000 T.

Metal Inventory
(ferreux et non ferreux)

Our services

Discover the breadth of our services dedicated to meeting your specific metalworking needs. From custom design of steel structures to supplying components for truck bodies, curbs, and sidewalk forms, we are committed to delivering top-quality solutions. With over four decades of experience, our dedicated team combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Explore our diversified services and trust Bonimétal to bring your metal projects to life with excellence and reliability.

Our products

Discover the exceptional through our collection of metal products on our dedicated page. Les Industries Bonimétal Inc. presents a diverse range of highest quality metal pieces. Each product, whether it’s chiseling, cutting, bending, punching, rolling, or specialized metallurgy, embodies our commitment to excellence since our establishment in 1980.

Browse our selection to find metal solutions tailored to your needs, where each piece tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched metal quality.

Our priority is... how to Serve you!

Whether it’s for ornamental ironwork, steel structures, sidewalk forms, components for truck bodies, trailers, industrial garage doors, etc., we offer an infinite number of combinations to meet the most specific needs of the industry.

Safe and Reliable Service
Service with Assurance and Satisfaction
The Best in the Industry Serving for Over 40 Years
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